Urban Decal Naked 3 Palette - Real Vs Fake

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Hi everyone,

Thanks for your patience.  I've finally done a review which will be up on my YouTube channel tomorrow and I am now doing a blog post for you complete with swatches.

I'm going to go through photo by photo explaining the difference between the two palettes.

Okay so the first thing you will notice is the size of the box.  The fake palette is about a centimeter shorter than the real one.  Also the design on the box is a huge tell.  The fake one (top) is basically a knock-off of the Naked 2 box and nothing like the Naked 3 palette box at all.
The fake box is a plain box with gold writing and that is it.
The real box has the gold Naked 3 and also a photo of all the shadows in the box.
The back of the boxes is again vastly different.
The fake is again, a total knock-off of the Naked 2 palette.  All that appears to be different are the colour of the swatches and the names.
Under the gold border at the top of the real box you will find a description of what's in the palette.  Under that you get the info about the primer potion samples that are included in the box.  Then a photo of the brush and finally a photo of the shadows with all the shadow names.
The real box will have a serial number on the bottom right-hand corner of the back of the box.
The fake box is white inside.  The real box has a gorgeous light purple flower patter all over and two compartments.  One for the palette and one for the primer potion samples.
Inside the box of the fake you get the palette (and that's it)!
In the real palette you get this little packet and inside it you get four samples of the Urban Decal Primer Potions.

You get a sample of:

Original, Eden, Sin and the Anti-Aging potions. 
Okay, so when you look at the palettes they look pretty much the same from the front except that the real palette is more rose gold than the fake and the gold font looks more golden than the fake.
At the back they are again very similar. 
One thing that stands out is on the real palette on the bottom right-hand corner you will find a serial number that corresponds with the serial number on the box.
The gold font on the fake palette is poor and it looks like it is already starting to break up and wear.
Inside the fake palette you get the mirror, brush and 12 colours.  The colours look very similar to the colours in the real palette.  Compared to the fake Naked 2 the colours in the fake Naked 3 are much closer to the real Naked 3 colours (until you do the swatches)!
The colour of the plastic inside the fake palette is also a totally different colour to the real one.  It's a lot pinker.
The quality of the fake palette is also a lot better than the fake Naked 2 so it's a lot easier to be fooled this time.
Then you come to the brushes - and I apologise for such a poor photo.  The fake brush is a totally different colour to the real one.  It's much browner in colour and the font is black.  Whereas the real brush is more rose gold and the font is gold.  Also, the weight of the brushes - as with the Naked 2 - is a lot different.  The fake brush barely weighs anything and the real brush has a nice weight to it.
So that's the obvious differences on the box and palette.
Now let's have a look at the swatches. 
I've done the swatches in four lots of 3 so that you get a good close up look at the colour differences.  The quality difference is really obvious.
The first three colours are very close but as you can see the fake Strange is barely visible and the authentic Dust and Burnout are much more pigmented than the fakes.  The colour is just much stronger.
Again with the fake Limit it's almost invisible and I put a large amount of shadow on my arm.  It simply just doesn't show up well.  Buzz is fairly similar and the pigment is high in the fake.  The fake Trick is also fairly pigmented but neither are as nice in texture as the real shadows.
Again with the three fakes they are nowhere near as pigmented as the real ones.  The fake Nooner is nothing like the real one and Liar and Factory are a wishy washy version of the authentic shadows.
And finally the last three colours are Mugshot, Darkside and Blackheart.
What a difference between the real and fake.
Blackheart is obviously the standout with the fake not even coming close to the real one, closely followed by Darkside.
I hope this has helped you.  Please recommend this to your friends.
You can purchase the Naked 3 palette from Beauty Bay if you are in Australia.  They have free shipping worldwide and I believe the price is around $83 depending on the exchange rate at the time.
If you are in Australia, the Urban Decay Naked 3 palette can be purchased here: www.beautybay.com
In the USA Sephora stock Urban Decay.
In the UK you can buy Urban Decay from Debenhams or House of Fraser.
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